Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ooooh dear

Blogging once a month is a bit naughty isn't it? Its not as though I haven't got anything to report. I have finished my metre piece and it is truly lovely. I will post a picture of it once I have got Mr. Happy to take a photo of it. It needs to be modelled to best show it. For once, the lack of photo taking skills of my other half will be useful as I will want my head chopped off.

The last couple of weeks have been the "Spring break" that Hampshire's education system decided to try out as Easter was so early. I think they will be going back to normal next year. As a result I have had no college sessions. I have used the time (or rather tried to the procrastination streak hasn't totally gone) to attempt to finish my research for design project for my City and Guilds course. This meisterwerk comprises most of the Unit 1 for the course so it has to be reasonably substantial. I have been steadily working on it over the last couple of years, but decided to give it "one more push". I have nearly finished all the painting, sketching and playing that I intend to do (i.e. I have used all my sketchbook pages and can't add anymore because it is so thick) and the accompanying cover (which I would love to see if I could get A to allow to be one of my extended samples....). Now I just have to write some words. Which is tricky as I seem to have had extended writers block. This post has been an exercise in just "blurting" it all out as a warm up exercise. So thank you for your patience.

Disclaimer: I know the writing quality and grammar is probably dire. Blame my secondary school teacher for confusing me. The spelling is improved only because of the spell checker in my browser. Although meisterwerk, blogging, anymore, all have dotted red lines underneath them.

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