Monday, March 08, 2010

2 skirt weekend

Returning to work meant having a look at my wardrobe.  Trousers are still not comfortable, and one of the key skirts I have been wearing is a little - shall we say - short.  As I was up for a little more gentle pottering I treated myself to a new Clothkits skirt kit.  The kit I had been hankering after for a while from as long ago as last summer, but I was not considering wardrobe additions then.  Luckily they were still selling the kit and at the nice price it was previously.

With my first ever skirt kit from this company I had the skirt received, cut and sewn in an evening, but this time I paused.  I was not happy with the rather dull white lining they had provided.  So a short trip to John Lewis' fabric department to find an alternative cotton lawn.  If had been up to it I would have launched myself up the loft ladder to look at my own fabric stash but those kind of acrobatics are currently out.  I found a fairly tame pink which I thought would work well - which I show below with the cute but relevant facing.

Whilst in the fabric department I found some stretch denim and bought double the amount I ended up requiring to make a more work length appropriate denim skirt.  This I designed myself by taking the previous skirt as a base and adding pockets and top-stitching whilst jettisoning the lining.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

3 week recovery

I have spent the last few weeks signed off work with a week's leave to finish (and was grateful for I needed more time off).  The first week I spent sleeping and in front of the TV.  I read a few books on creativity and documented my week by making a doll for each day of the week. The doll template which I styled to be a slimmer and taller version of me I got from the book that I found most fun to flick through Mixed Mania by Cheryl Prater and Debbi Crane.

Notice the lack of jeans - trouser wearing that week (and even now) was not the most comfortable option.  As a habitual trouser/jean wearing girl it was stretching my wardrobe to find enough skirts to wear, but the addition of a comfy dress helped.  Two of the skirts - the red one, and the patched one - were skirts I had made previously, one from a Clothkits kit and another by appliquéing some of my mono-printed patches on to one I had derived from the former skirt.

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