Saturday, December 31, 2011

Seeing out the old year with an old project

Baby cardigan by KittyStitch
Just finishing a 2 year old UFO. Personal circumstances at the time meant that I didn't have the heart to finish it. I came across it whilst tidying my studio a few days ago - all it needed was ends sewn in, blocking, sewing up and some buttons added. Now there is a new addition in my street who would welcome this to snuggle in to - and it is time for me to move on to the New Year and the future.
Happy New Year - hope 2012 has good things in store for everyone.

Purse handbag mini-wallet organiser/organizer thingie

Mini wallet loaded

I think I am perpetually confused in spelling and terminology thanks to being British but working for an American Corporation (where we spell things with a "zee") and reading lots of lovely US sewing blogs.

First I wanted a little organiser for my very small handbag which, during the week resides in my laptop bag but resides in a larger leather "proper" handbag at the weekend.  (hmmm should that translate as "I wanted a little organizer from my very small purse which, during the week resides in my laptop bag but resides in a larger leather purse at the weekend"?)

Purse organiser loaded

Sometimes I need to travel even lighter and just travel with something that holds a few cards and takes a few notes.  Of course this means in UK English I would need a small purse, however, is this correct as it wouldn't contain any coins?  It would more resemble a wallet (which is more the kind of thing a man would carry - men NEVER have purses).  Oh I don't know - it is something that stops my various credit and loyalty cards getting all mixed up in a pouch and keeps my banknotes from getting mixed up with my receipts, with pretensions towards being a wallet.

Off. To. Get. A. Life.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Re-use Fabric Swatch Coasters

Swatch coasters by KittyStitch
The coasters in my living room are starting to look a little worn, so I decided to whip up a set of quick fabric ones. I still had the original fabric swatches from when I was deciding on what curtain fabric to buy. Free fabric + half an hour = almost free coasters!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

7months, 7 hours, 70 minutes

Kindle Kover 2
7 months to procrastinate.
7 hours to rediscover horizontal surfaces in my sewing studio.
70 minutes to make.

This is similar to the one I made rather more promptly as part of a gift last March.  This time the Kindle cover is for me (I bought a Kindle for myself last May - hence 7 months).  I chose the fabrics after perusing my fabric stash and found I had enough of this Japanese print left over from a bag kit.  Lining from a fabric I got from my Grandma's fabric stash (via my Mum's).

Again a simpler version (no patchwork, no quilting) from this tutorial on Elizabeth's Whimsies.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

All but the parsnips

All our Christmas meal veggies are from the allotment.  Except for the parsnips, which we couldn't be bothered to phaff with.  Happy Christmas!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday, December 16, 2011

What I folded last Christmas

 Last Christmas I finally decided that this was the year I was going to implement an idea I had had for a few years.  A year or two previously I had tried it in another cubicle but I was sitting with bah humbugs. This particular year I was with more amenable people.  This was the year of the origami decorations:

Magazine Christmas Trees

I went for coffee one day and when I came back two more had sprang up!
Honestly, of all the things I did this was the most infectious.
Five pointed star - but first you need to fold yourself a regular pentagon.
This is not strictly origami, possibly more kirigami. 3D Snowflake.

Further origami Christmas ornaments: A simple ornament, via the origami resource center.

(oh yeah - we won some very tasty "fruit juice" which was appreciated in the last scrum of the year)

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