Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Burns Night Bear

The Bear Maker has been at it again and last month Bear got a new outfit as a birthday present of a new sweater, tartan troosers and Tam O'Shanter. As he was caught up with Christmas festivities he decided to keep his new outfit for a special occasion - and what better time than Burns Night. Though I think he would also look quite natty on the golf course too. The outfit came with a special Doggerel provided by the bear maker:
 Doggerel for a Bear
Here is a present for one's birthday bear
two new kits for him to wear.
(The first was requested by his mistress
to make him look like Father Christmas.)
Apply to his face and secure with elastic;

The second outfit will change the  bear
into an ursine with look of a laird.
The kit should be fine for Hogmanay
and see him through to New Year's Day
for striding out across the moor,
or playing golf and shouting "fore".
But, whatever he decides to do
his sartorial elegance will be on view.

Personally I think that is ace* but if you prefer I'll leave you with a link to the Bard's words.

(*Mum's poems written whilst tootling down the A21 always did my sister proud.)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Origami Jewellery

I should have been making curtains but instead decided to investigate one of my Christmas presents more thoroughly. Origami Jewellery by Ayako Brodek.Most of this has been completed whilst chilling out at the end of the day in front of the TV.  I started with this brooch:

I then decided to go from something relatively easy rated piece to something more difficult, this pine cone bead necklace:
This proved to be more repetitive than difficult. This balloon bead necklace proved to be more fiddly:
Finally, this brooch was quicker to make, though required a little bit more judgement:
I had most of the supplies in my large stash of stuff, but found a supplier of lovely washi paper in the UK at Roze flowers. The book mentioned using a one part epoxy resin glue, after some researching on the internet I found one brand to use is E6000 glue. This also appears to be the jewellery makers glue of choice so got this and the bead caps for the balloon necklace on Ebay, but found that the seller had their own online store at madcowbeads.com.

p.s. the glue is kinda smelly and is probably not a good idea to be used round kiddiwinks

Monday, January 03, 2011

What I sewed for Christmas

Just a quick post Christmas report on a few things I put together for the present splurge that occurred.

Somebody really, really, really wanted vouchers (honest!), so I thought it would be nice to have a little holder for them:

I thought the little holder needed a little bag to go with it.

This was created using my overlocker - it took more time to cut out than it did to sew.  As I was having fun on it I whipped up a couple of these for my sister.
As I had the fabric out I returned to the sewing machine and made another pair of oven gloves, this time for G.
(Unfortunately I forgot to photograph Mr. T's awesome apron - if I do say so myself)
I then went into production overdrive and made these ever useful* box bags - which contained an emergency "Pub in a Bag" kit for Dads and BiLs stuck in the house with too many kids.  (Although swap the beer for a miniature bottle of Gin and a slimline tonic, the pork scratchings for some olives and you have an emergency "Bar in a Bag" for the Mums and Sisters)

*useful because they take CDs (some people still use and accumulate them), gadgets, cables and random bits and bobs.

I may have sewn some voile panels for a bay window but they are not that interesting, nor are they easy to photograph.  I will leave you with a revisit to a more interesting "net curtain"

That is the end of the end of holidays report.

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