Monday, January 03, 2011

What I sewed for Christmas

Just a quick post Christmas report on a few things I put together for the present splurge that occurred.

Somebody really, really, really wanted vouchers (honest!), so I thought it would be nice to have a little holder for them:

I thought the little holder needed a little bag to go with it.

This was created using my overlocker - it took more time to cut out than it did to sew.  As I was having fun on it I whipped up a couple of these for my sister.
As I had the fabric out I returned to the sewing machine and made another pair of oven gloves, this time for G.
(Unfortunately I forgot to photograph Mr. T's awesome apron - if I do say so myself)
I then went into production overdrive and made these ever useful* box bags - which contained an emergency "Pub in a Bag" kit for Dads and BiLs stuck in the house with too many kids.  (Although swap the beer for a miniature bottle of Gin and a slimline tonic, the pork scratchings for some olives and you have an emergency "Bar in a Bag" for the Mums and Sisters)

*useful because they take CDs (some people still use and accumulate them), gadgets, cables and random bits and bobs.

I may have sewn some voile panels for a bay window but they are not that interesting, nor are they easy to photograph.  I will leave you with a revisit to a more interesting "net curtain"

That is the end of the end of holidays report.


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