Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Burns Night Bear

The Bear Maker has been at it again and last month Bear got a new outfit as a birthday present of a new sweater, tartan troosers and Tam O'Shanter. As he was caught up with Christmas festivities he decided to keep his new outfit for a special occasion - and what better time than Burns Night. Though I think he would also look quite natty on the golf course too. The outfit came with a special Doggerel provided by the bear maker:
 Doggerel for a Bear
Here is a present for one's birthday bear
two new kits for him to wear.
(The first was requested by his mistress
to make him look like Father Christmas.)
Apply to his face and secure with elastic;

The second outfit will change the  bear
into an ursine with look of a laird.
The kit should be fine for Hogmanay
and see him through to New Year's Day
for striding out across the moor,
or playing golf and shouting "fore".
But, whatever he decides to do
his sartorial elegance will be on view.

Personally I think that is ace* but if you prefer I'll leave you with a link to the Bard's words.

(*Mum's poems written whilst tootling down the A21 always did my sister proud.)


Celia said...

Reminds me of this bear


who lives just up the road from my brother!

More info here


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