Wednesday, September 05, 2007

T is for Tea

T is for Tea

This is not strictly accurate as some of the "tea" I drink should be more strictly classified as infusions. I am not a strong tea drinker - if it the tea is too strong then I have to have milk in it s then I would normally plump for coffee. I use tea as drink to slightly modify my situation - if I am a little thirsty or a little sleepy (Earl Grey or Green) or a little headachey (Camomile). DIY brings out the need for strong milky normal tea, also known in our house as builders tea (i.e. any non-variety big brand strong tea - though I usually opt for something fairtrade without the need for marsupials to advertise it). My favourite tea is Rooibos Chai and have even known to make ice cream from it.

T could also be for: Toys, Tiresome, Testing, TV, Tinkering

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

S is for shoes

S is for Shoes

If you know me or have read just a little of this blog you would find it no surprise to learn of my love for shoes. Whilst my husband would argue that I am Hampshire's answer to Imelda Marcos I would refute that - I can think of plenty of people I know who have far more pairs of shoes. What I would say is that I appreciate quality and quirkiness and can get a little single minded when I find a pair that have to be mine.

Most men would state that all woman are obsessed with shoes. There are exceptions - my friend G obsesses about boots, but is not too enthused about shoe shopping. She is happy to shop for shoes if it involves another of her obsessions - handbags. I realised this late on in the process of trying to find shoes to go with her bridesmaid outfit for my wedding - she wasn't very excited. If I had said "lets find you a handbag and some shoes to match" then we would have been shopping!

S could also be for stitching, sewing, sketchbook, silk, spices

Monday, September 03, 2007

R is for Red

R is for Red

If you ask me what my favourite colour is it is like asking a devoted mother of 6 which is her favourite child. Red is a colour I naturally tend to be attracted to, though I don't think that it is something special about me. A proper psychologist who has done meaningful studies into such things would be more informative why some creatures are or are not attracted to this particular hue.

I use red a lot in my creative work whether its the "real" colour itself or its tint - pink. This has recently been translated into my home where my kitchen has been redecorated with pink playing a major part. I have always been attracted to red footwear and have more pairs of red shoes that I know what to do with. I still fondly remember the red Wellington boots I had as a 3 year old - I wore them all the time including through the hot summer of '76 (there, that ages me). My current handbag is red. Red roses are the flowers I like best and had a huge hand tied bouquet of them at my wedding. They are also a wise purchase for me on Valentines day or any other day. One red thing I will not have ever again though is a red car. My first car was red but by the time I sold it I had to use a vat of t-cut in an attempt to get the roof back to red as opposed to a bleached out pink.

Red was obviously my grandmother's favourite colour as she requested we wear something red to her funeral I was able to oblige as I already owned a suitably warm red jacket (although a red raincoat would have been handy). I hope she would have liked the new red hat I got in the sales.

R could also be for rain, rock music, reading

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Q is for Quick

Q is for Quick

I feel this particular one is a bit of a cheat..... I am rarely quick at finishing something. Quick for me is the equivalent of slapdash. Which is probably what the rest of these posts will be.....

Q could also be for quilting, queasy, quirky

Saturday, September 01, 2007

P is for Pizza

P is for pizza

At the end of the day I am a true computer nerd - I would happily eat cold pizza for breakfast. When I was a kid I really didn't like pizza when it was served up at kids parties because it was shop bought and heated up. I really loved pizza when my mum was cooking pizza with a scone base. When I was a little older my mum introduced me to a quick pan pizza method which I made very un-quick by taking 3+ hours to prep and chop the ingredients.

Nowadays I make pizza reasonably quickly (quicker than dialling up for one) by making dough from scratch and heating my oven up to is maxmimum temperature. I am fairly particular about pizza toppings, for instance, pineapple or sweetcorn have NO BUSINESS on a pizza. Nor does chicken tikka. Stuffed crusts are not my thing. An American hot with plenty of pepperoni and a chopped chilli or two is good. Vegetarian ones with roast onion and peppers are good. Even better are pizzas with goats cheese and red pepper. Illustrated is a sketch of one of my current favourites, which I call a San Gimignano, no tomato sauce just plenty of sliced mushrooms lightly fried in a little oil and garlic over a base spread with black truffle puree and topped with mozarella. I first tried this combination in the summer when I was getting lunch in the main square of San Gimignano. The base of the pizza was amazing as well because it had been proved for 48 hours. Light and crispy. Now I am feeling hungry..

P could also be for Painting, Pickle, Procrastination

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