Tuesday, September 04, 2007

S is for shoes

S is for Shoes

If you know me or have read just a little of this blog you would find it no surprise to learn of my love for shoes. Whilst my husband would argue that I am Hampshire's answer to Imelda Marcos I would refute that - I can think of plenty of people I know who have far more pairs of shoes. What I would say is that I appreciate quality and quirkiness and can get a little single minded when I find a pair that have to be mine.

Most men would state that all woman are obsessed with shoes. There are exceptions - my friend G obsesses about boots, but is not too enthused about shoe shopping. She is happy to shop for shoes if it involves another of her obsessions - handbags. I realised this late on in the process of trying to find shoes to go with her bridesmaid outfit for my wedding - she wasn't very excited. If I had said "lets find you a handbag and some shoes to match" then we would have been shopping!

S could also be for stitching, sewing, sketchbook, silk, spices


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