Monday, September 03, 2007

R is for Red

R is for Red

If you ask me what my favourite colour is it is like asking a devoted mother of 6 which is her favourite child. Red is a colour I naturally tend to be attracted to, though I don't think that it is something special about me. A proper psychologist who has done meaningful studies into such things would be more informative why some creatures are or are not attracted to this particular hue.

I use red a lot in my creative work whether its the "real" colour itself or its tint - pink. This has recently been translated into my home where my kitchen has been redecorated with pink playing a major part. I have always been attracted to red footwear and have more pairs of red shoes that I know what to do with. I still fondly remember the red Wellington boots I had as a 3 year old - I wore them all the time including through the hot summer of '76 (there, that ages me). My current handbag is red. Red roses are the flowers I like best and had a huge hand tied bouquet of them at my wedding. They are also a wise purchase for me on Valentines day or any other day. One red thing I will not have ever again though is a red car. My first car was red but by the time I sold it I had to use a vat of t-cut in an attempt to get the roof back to red as opposed to a bleached out pink.

Red was obviously my grandmother's favourite colour as she requested we wear something red to her funeral I was able to oblige as I already owned a suitably warm red jacket (although a red raincoat would have been handy). I hope she would have liked the new red hat I got in the sales.

R could also be for rain, rock music, reading


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