Wednesday, September 05, 2007

T is for Tea

T is for Tea

This is not strictly accurate as some of the "tea" I drink should be more strictly classified as infusions. I am not a strong tea drinker - if it the tea is too strong then I have to have milk in it s then I would normally plump for coffee. I use tea as drink to slightly modify my situation - if I am a little thirsty or a little sleepy (Earl Grey or Green) or a little headachey (Camomile). DIY brings out the need for strong milky normal tea, also known in our house as builders tea (i.e. any non-variety big brand strong tea - though I usually opt for something fairtrade without the need for marsupials to advertise it). My favourite tea is Rooibos Chai and have even known to make ice cream from it.

T could also be for: Toys, Tiresome, Testing, TV, Tinkering


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