Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cake SOS and a bit of ribbon

I am not one of life's natural cake decorators. Personally I think cake is at is best au naturel but thought I would have a go at creating something celebratory (its a work thingy) with a bit of fondant. The cake inside tasted fab (thanks to the pointers from my sister K). But that ribbon & those fondant stars hid some very dodgy cake coverage. Still it at least spoke to my inner child - I love an opportunity to play with my food!

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Birthday girl

Birthday Girl
Remember back in January I did a little origami?  Well, I thought it was time one of my pieces was a little less headless and homeless and put together this little greeting card.  The hair was stamped with a little home carved stamp and the details added in freehand with a pigment drawing pen.  By now this little girl should be with a 9 year old Birthday Girl, after giving her the vouchers tucked away behind her.  Happy Birthday L!

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Fascinating adventures with my glue gun

Kanzashi fascinator
The big reveal! I was attending the wedding of 2 friends this weekend and fancied adding to my outfit in the traditional English way with a bit of head gear. I decided against the hat - my hair does not recover well from hat hair syndrome. I was considering buying one, but a combination of leaving it a little too late and a small voice in my head (G's) saying "make one, make one). So here it is.

Kanzashi fascinator

I am pretty pleased with the result - especially as I did not spend a lot on materials.  I only splashed out on the feathers and the hair band I attached it to.  The rest was all in my stash.  The kanzashi flowers were made from silk scraps which I already had.  (To make the Kanzashi flowers check out Diane Gilleland's Kanzashi in Bloom: 20 Simple Fold-And-Sew Projects to Wear and Give there is also blog and flickr group of other readers Kanzashi creations).  The loops were simple tubes sewn from blue silk, turned with my ever faithful rouleau loop turner and then threaded with offcuts of  thin polyester boning.  After a frenzy of gluing with the aid of my glue gun and other supporting fabric and bead glues  - this was the finished result.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Sneak peak

Just showing my work in progress.  Now taking a rest from my glue gun and off to the Post Office.

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