Sunday, September 04, 2005

Applique for a wall hanging

I have completed a little simple machine applique of 3 panels to make into a wall hanging for my niece. Each panel will be sewn on the backing as a pocket. The colour choice is pink and the theme fairies. The first one I did I used the colouring of my niece:

Sophie Fairy

Then I decided to change the hair and colouring to that of her Mummy:

Mummy Fairy

Then I decided that to complete the Trio I really needed the next generation up:

Grandma Fairy

The Grandma Fairy even has her own string of pearls!

Found that I got more even results by using tearaway stabiliser. Surprisingly never used this product before but very handy. Even handier are the applique scissors I got from barnyarns and were used on the Carrickmacross attempt shown in previous post. The scissors helped in the reverse applique technique used for the fairy wings.


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