Sunday, October 23, 2005

New shoes!

Not any new shoes though. My new shoes, which I made. I have spent a very enjoyable, but exhausting weekend making these lovely shoes in at The Little Shoe Workshop in New Malden, Surrey. I was a feeling a bit uptight on Friday thinking I should have got together some stitching or outstanding fabric to make my shoes from. Mark told me to chill out, go to the pub, and just enjoy myself at the workshop. Next day, when I got to the workshop there was plenty of choice from the lovely selection of leather and fabric offcuts. The kitten heels of these little beauties are red to match the uppers. The insole binding is a beautiful bright blue suede with a turquoise and red suede layered inner sock. On the Saturday we spent the time cutting out our pattern pieces, glueing and stitching out components. Today we spent the time lasting the shoes and finishing the shoes. The most difficult bit was hammering the nails into the heel. I had a go but, like everyone else got Kirsty the workshop owner, to put the nails in - it requires a certain knack. If I was doing this at home I would either ask Mark to do this (he's got the 'welly') or drill and screw the heels.

I have ordered a home kit which will allow me to make more shoes similar to this. Guess it's time to start planning those embroidered uppers.


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