Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Another postcard from my vacation


This is again, stitched on pelmet vilene after being painted with koh-i-noor dye colours. As I was back home before finishing this off I added in some extra sequins and beads - which I have plenty off after splurging when making the metal thread shoes a few months back.

I chose the postcard theme from one of the pages of my sketchbook which I did when in Italy. In fact, this is one of the reasons my blogging has been a little sparse of late - I have been mainly burbling, scribbling and sploshing paint in my little travel sketchbook. I have completed at least a page a day since the end of April. I have slowed down college work as I decided before going to Italy not to bother trying to get my panel/hanging done for the end of term exhibition. Nobody else will have so why tear myself to pieces trying to?

9th June 2007

That said, I do have to get the hanging done sometime as well as get some of my finished work mounted or patted into some form of display worthy format.


Karen said...

really lovely work. When is the end of term exhibition?

demonik'ntlworld.com said...


Postcard MOST beautiful.
Wicked Uncle would like to buy!!
How much???

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