Thursday, August 14, 2008

I was playing with flickr and mosaic maker the other day and this is what I randomly created

Flickr Meme

Here is what I did opened three windows.
1. One with a list of questions, here.
2. another open to Flickr and ready to do an image search,
3. Big Huge Labs' Mosaic Maker (create a mosaic with 4 columns and 3 rows).

I then answered the first question, put my answer in the search field on Flickr and chose one of the images from the first page to represent your answer (I chose the most obscure possible). Clicked on the photo then copy and pasted the url into the #1 spot on the Mosaic Maker. I did that for all 12 questions, then clicked create and posted the result.

As for my own answers to the questions - they would have to remain secret ;-) .


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