Monday, January 05, 2009

Cup of the day

Cup 5/1/09
Cup 05/01/09

At Christmas I found one of these kindly left by my sister under the Christmas tree (not forgetting the rather nice pile of overlocker feet left by my other sister). Over the holiday season I found myself doing a little tidy up - tidying up I really should have done in the summer. I found myself with boxes and boxes of design papers left over from my college course. So I decided to sort them out. I got rid of some of the plain ugly bits of modroc, plaster of paris lumps which were created for some reason or other (texture? hmmm, not sure, and if it was texture than what I was trying to convey was dubious at best) and other scrunched grot that I no longer wanted. Some of the paper I put to one side for possible greeting card manufacture. Other bits found the internal cardboard from my new travel mug/press being drawn on them and then cut up. An hour or so later I had 8 boxes compressed down to 3 and a pile of cup inserts. Almost one for each working day for a little while to come.
This design paper was from part 2 of the course when I was designing using armour as my theme. I had hand carved a stamp taken from the shape of a Japanese helmet ornament, stamped acrylic paint on some textured cartridge paper and then washed over brusho watercolour. The coffee wasn't too bad either - mental note don't push press down too hard otherwise grounds come up over it and the last mouthful of coffee ends up being a leeeetle gritty and you almost end up spewing it up over your esteemed colleagues.


Celia said...

You've been busy - posting as well as sewing. I like the
look of those knot templates ...

Thank you for the lovely [and shame making] Christmas card - see you soon.

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