Monday, June 07, 2010

A trio of pin cushions

I return to stitching with a little bit of procrastination - pincushion construction.  I justified my endeavours with the reasoning that ever since my oversized pincushion went to the sofa heaven in the sky and that new one (leather) could no longer be classed as such, that I needed alternative means to park my pins and needles.  Although I already had a few pincushions (one here and one from this forthcoming book) they have already got permanent places on the ironing board and next to my sewing machine.

This big one is the pincushion caddy from Seams to Me by Anna Marie Horner (Craft magazine had this as a pattern podcast a while back) this is also handy for keeping various bits in one place instead of half scattered under aforementioned sofa.

The next, medium sized one I made after catching the tutorial over at CraftyPod.  Perfect excuse to make more use of my Clover yo-yo maker.

The last and littlest one and now, I find, the most useful of all is this pointer finger pincushion.  I find it best placed on the pointer finger on my non-sewing hand.


Fat Bird said...

The little finger pin cushion is genius! The caddy one is a clever idea too.

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