Friday, August 03, 2012

A Break and a Change

After a little time away from my blog I have returned with a break - an August break.  Whilst many busy hard working bloggers are taking things a little easier by just posting a photo a day (or a little less - there's no pressure) this not so hard working blogger (well hard working - but not blogging) has decided to be in contact with the world and myself, by taking part too.

That is the break - now for the change.

I have decided to change blog name.  After much thought I have decided to copy and move my posts from September 2008 onwards to , if you are a follower of me on twitter you can see clearly from where the name has derived.  The blog name is a combination of my maiden name, married name and first name - who I was and who I am today.  Hopefully you will join me over at my new blog home, from where I have commenced my August Break.


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