Friday, December 02, 2005


It was my birthday on the 2nd and it started auspiciously with no hot water. Arranged for the "gasman" to come round early next week, had a quick cold shower and then decided I needed spoiling with blueberry pancakes and maple syrup with a spoon of mascarpone on top. Yum.
Mr. Happy had the day off too so we left the house early to catch an exhibition I wanted to see before going for lunch at my sisters. This was 21:21 at the University of the Creative Arts at 'a load of colleges scattered about Kent and Surrey' displaying the textiles of Keiko Sudo and the Nuno Coporation. The gallery space was filled with tall columns of textiles (a forest)with samples to touch (and fondle!) at the side. We were not permitted to touch the columns (of course) but it was so tempting to dive underneath the bottom of some them and stand inside and be surrounded by the fabric. My favorite textile, which I found most inspriational (considering the ever-looming C&G wallhanging) was entitled "tanabata" it had been constructed by using origami techniques and slashing with a hot knife - oooh tempting to try at home! Normally, Mr. Happy would not be dragged to this kind of thing by wild horses but as it was my birthday he was prepared to be amenable.
We then drove on to my sister's nearby where she gave us lunch (butternut squash risotto - yummy) and some lovely presents (including a book on 3 Dimensional embroidery - beautiful and v.handy). Afterwards we tootled over to my parents in Kent who took us out for a slap up Curry at the local Tandori House. (lots more yum).
So apart from the early hot waterless experience a very good day indeed!


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