Saturday, December 03, 2005


After a day of eating - a day of walking. As my parents live nearly on top of the North Downs Way, Mr.H and I planned on taking a walk. For me, this was one of the first since our South Downs Way trek in September. We found a suitable one on this site, which, combined with walking out from my parents and back would give us a easily manageable 8 miles.

It started sunny, got rainy around midday but by the time we reached the pub it was sunny again. At one point we were literally ankle deep in mud, but it was good to get out, stretch the legs and breath in lots of fresh air. Took this snap as sunlight through leafy trees makes me feel happy and I was happy on this walk.

Took this next snap as the mixture of the copper leaves with the glossy green ivy trailing over it reminded me of a lush fabric. Nature really does things best....


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