Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Start of term

Why the sudden return to blogging? Well, I am back in to stitch kitten mode with the start of the autumn term. This is the start of my City and Guilds Level 3 Diploma, after completing the Level 3 Certificate (it came in the post during the summer!). One of the areas we will be looking at will be fabric: creating, distressing, manipulating etc.

The method for the above sample piece was as follows:

Fabric scraps bonded to light iron on interfacing - I ensured the entire surface of the vilene was covered.

Free machine embroidery. This got quite gnarled and bumpy - a good iron sorted it out. I would reconsider doing this again but with a much thicker vilene. Alternatively I would go for my usual combination of calico and Bondaweb.

A good iron then sorted it all out, although I was still not happy with the look of the work. Luckily the next step was to: cut it up.

Then it was a matter of hand stitching it together using insertion stitches. I finished the outer edges with variations on blanket and buttonhole stitches.


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