Monday, December 25, 2006


I finally got my act together and put up the tree just in time for the Big day, as well as the traditional mistletoe and wreath. The goose has been cooked and consumed, now installed in front of the telly. The Queen is not fully appreciated in kittystitch towers and instead we are watching assorted sci-fi and horror. Presently, I will considering how to operate on the pudding, frying slices of it in butter and adding a splosh of brandy sauce for good measure is the current favourite. I am sure it will be delicious washed down with the last of the Champagne.

This year I was inspired by some of the bauble ideas in the blogosphere, and came up with some versions of my own. Wholesale manufacture of baubles will not be repeated in following years, but I like the idea of making one a year. I played catch up this Christmas by making 8 baubles: 1 for each year that we have lived in our current home.


This year I finished my C&G certificate in embroidery : my main colour theme was always lime green and hot pink. The offcuts were taken from the trimmings of my applique and quilting sample "quilt"/wallhanging which is now hanging on my studio wall.


The silk cotton mix fabric are offcuts from a dress I made which I wore to my friends G & P's wedding, in this year. The machine embroidered fabric wrapped round the centre of the bauble is left over from my first C&G finished item: a pair of shoes, which I also completed this year.

The silk dupion for this bauble were the offcuts from the Vogue Belleville Sasoon corset top that I made for our May wedding. The gold plate wire, freshwater pearls and garnet and peridot chips were left over from the tiara that I also made.

This is the year I took M's proposals seriously, I made him this shirt which he wore to his sister P's wedding celebrations. The cotton came from JL and the shirt pattern has grandad collar and cuffs which were far too narrow. The shirt kept on loosing buttons as I fitted rather sharp mother of pearl ones.

The fabric comes from silk cotton that I hand dyed and printed for some dungarees for one of my nieces who was born in this year. The feathers were added as a bit of fun and they also remind me of how much both of them love pink and fluffy things.

The red linen for this bauble came from the offcuts of a dress that I made around this time - maybe a year later. The sequins are a recent purchase from the hobby shop that I love to hate. This is my bleeding hearts ornament one of my toughest years, but it was the start of serious period of change.

The brocade for this came from a bustier top that I made myself - just can't remember when. The gold theme fits in with the dawing of a new millenium bit it was the start of a new, slightly darker period of my life. Although, there were new beginning for others.

I attended a lot of weddings in this particular year, and for one of them I attempted to make an outfit from these materials. The fit of the dress was appalling and the overcoat (made from the organza) looked like a housewife's house coat gone horribly wrong. Whilst the outfit is currently residing in my fabric stash waiting for inspiration and ressurrection, the offcuts have had a myriad of uses in my other projects. Another reason I chose these scraps for the ornament for this year was the Indian flavour they convey. We moved into our the first home we owned and the first project we tackled was a complete renovation of our kitchen. We finished the kitchen (albeit with no doors on the cupboards and no flooring) in the nick of time and then had M's family round for a cornucopia of curry.


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