Sunday, July 06, 2008

Another course!

But of course. It seems a bit topsy turvy but I have signed up for an online class via Joggles. It is exploring the use of the sketchbook as studio workhorse. I'm up to the second class already but I am little bit behind (quelle surprise) but nobody's putting on any pressure - its entirely at my own pace. The notes are so thorough that its almost like an interactive online book with lots of people following on and with author there to ask questions off.

I am taking a little time this afternoon to set my sketchbook up (the first after finishing my research for design project) and find I still have the fear of the blank sketchbook. Its silly really because it isn't as though I can "ruin" it - if I "mess up" I can always paint over or rip the page out (its spiral bound). Its a bit like how I was feeling this morning I couldn't find my current koh-i-noor paint palette, but I could find a spare new one - all pristine and clean looking:

Luckily I managed to remember what I had done with my current one:

much better mucky. (although I suspect I could get it messier).

Useful additional links for class 1 is a grid generator for grids and lines.


Celia said...

Of course you could get it messier, you are not really trying!

You are far ahead of me, though - I hope to get going next week.

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