Thursday, September 04, 2008

Vienna Part 3: Saturday Afternoon Wedding

The wedding was held in a very plush "Palais" in the inner city (i.e. the old bit). It was as you can imagine was very grand:

Under this ceiling we sighed as vows were made, wine sipped, food eaten, speeches and toasts made. Before boogying the night away. (M made the deal with me that gym in the morning could be missed if I spent 3+ hours dancing until 3am - good times). If you are looking at C's, G's, S's and my photos on Facebook, I am the one with the Lime green elbows.

(I think an apology is due to those people who had the misfortune of marking "Brad and Ange's" quiz answers - we had sipped rather a lot sparkling wine by the time it was time to hand our sheets in and we just didn't care anymore.)

I will now be interrupting the account of my adventures in Vienna to go off on another adventure - cycling the South Downs Way. I expect to get very wet. All be well, I should be back Monday, a little tired but hopefully in one piece.


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