Thursday, June 01, 2006

A busy month of churn

I have a very busy month this month. My course is due to finish and I have to have everything finished for the exhibition at the end of the month.

To do:
- My accessory - mostly thinking about this but have got my design work done. Have prototype to make, felt to make and then embroidery and construction. Of course I'll get it done!
- My samples mounted/presented. Some of them are being sewn together into a throw/hanging. The others need to be mounted in some way and presented appropriately either in a box or a book.
- Tassels and pom poms completed, only done a fraction of what I should have done, then displayed either with the others as described above or in a bowl of some sort.
- Toggles and buttons completed. Done most of the work required for this but a few extra toggles would be good. Then, again, its a matter of presentation.
- Put together my folder or artists, craftsmen and exhibitions.
- My panel write up, though this is very nearly done.
- Present my wall hanging write up nicely. Its written but its stuffed in a plain box file with the prototype and samples.
- I am sure there is plenty more....

On top of that I have the following non-course things:
- Organise M's birthday beer fest (although M can do some of the leg work for that)
- Research and more importantly understand a major financial decision
- Project Spectrum postcard (luckily its well in hand - its currently my light relief)

At least I have a week of leave booked but I suspect that that will be spent de-jungling the garden and decluttering and degunging our pig-pen of a house.


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