Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Funky stuff

Yesterday returning home from a dull day at the office I found the postman had been and delivered more than the usual phone bills and junk mail. My postcard swap pal from May hand sent me the above goodies. She apologised for the funny shaped postcard but in my opinion who wants a rectangular postcard when you can have this gorgeous shamrock? Not to mention the delicious chocolate and rock.

Last night was a busy one with laundry (yawn) followed by a bit of blanket dyeing (still drying so wait for the pictures). Whilst that was all heating up I got my friend G's felted jumper she gave me. I remembered something that I had recently seen on on whipup and thought I would try a variation on it and embellish it with some of my recent cheats felt. I had to make my own design of bag different to the one on whipup because the original jumper was a V neck. But I think it was very successful.

This is the front of the bag. I was inspired to use the bird motif and colours by the orignal donor of the jumper.

This is the back of the bag:

G, I need to use this as part of my sampling for my finished item, but on 1st July it's yours if you want it! Posted by Picasa


Fat Bird Does Exercise said...

Early Birthday present - how good is that?! And it's a bag for a bag fetish-ist - even better! And it looks gorgeous! And I can't believe it used to be a Gap jumper that shrunk depressingly in the wash.

Very excited, very touched.
Will be quiet now.

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