Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sample "quilt"

I say "quilt" because I'm not sure what is it. Some of it is quilted, some of it isn't. Maybe its a throw? But I won't be throwing it around anywhere any time soon - some of the sections are too delicate! I decided last weekend to put into action what I had thought about doing for a long time: sew my applique, quilting and patchwork samples into a sample throw of some sort. We are encouraged on our course to present our work in different ways so I thought about doing this. Now I have actually done this.

I also put together a bag to store it in. It's attached to the throw (cropped out of shot) and I transferred on the technique description for each section - thus providing a handy guide.
A few extra touches are up for consideration but I have decided to devote my time for the rest of the weekend on progressing with my final piece: the accessory. Things to add are:
- extra ribbons so that I can tie up the pocket opening when the throw has been folded in side.
- a tassel or other tied embellishment at each corner where the sections meet.
- a strip of cloth slip stitched to the top back of the quilt so that it can be hung up by a pole (this would be good if I had room at the end of term exhibtion or for a more permanent hanging in my studio)

Some of the sections are new but a few of them I have blogged, when completed, over the past year. I hope I have found all the backlinks (wish blogger was a little more helpful doing this).

Cut-through layers
Layering with machine embroidery and the soldering iron
Layering with hand stitches and cutting by hand


Fat Bird Does Exercise said...

It could always be a kind of table covering if covered witha sheet of protective glass?

It's amazingly colour co-ordinated - very effective!

Kitty said...

Of course its colour coordinated! I had this in mind from last summer when I got a pile of applique homework to do during the summer vacation. After wrecking one of my finished pieces, this will probably end up in my City and Guilds finished work tub.

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