Saturday, March 18, 2006

Layering by hand

Normal service should start to be resumed. I haven't been blogging of late. Last weekend I had a college study trip to the V&A up in London. I then needed to get my sister's birthday present sorted and didn't want to blog it until her borthday mid-week. The week actually started in a non-delightful fashion with a 2 day migraine. My sample work is progressing though and I have completed the above sample of layering. The process is:
- iron Bondaweb to a background of calico.
- layering scraps of fabric over the Bondaweb.
- iron to fix the fabric layer to the calico background.
- apply another layer of Bondaweb over the fabric layer.
- layer sheer fabric over and iron to fix.

I then hand stitched the motifs with an assortment of hand embroidery stitches and cut away at the design to reveal some of the fabric layers underneath. Posted by Picasa


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