Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Something red or pink

Just in case I don't have enough to do I have signed up for Project Spectrum. I now just need to decide what to do.... the options are:

1. Make a red pointy kitten from the pattern kindly provided at Wee Wonderfuls.
2. Make some red and pink felt beads, tassels and cords.
3. Make a red cancer club pouch (read "pouch for husbands cigarette making materials a.k.a Mark's BFS*") in the hope that the tobacco spread-a-thon can be contained some what.
4. Make something cute from one of my Kumiko Sudo books.

Decisions, decisions.....

* BFS is the three letter acronym for Bl**dy F(British slang for a ciggie, USA slang/insult for something else entirely) Stuff.


Lolly said...

So glad you joined in the fun for Project Spectrum! :)

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