Monday, March 27, 2006

A Wet Weekend and plenty of Chocolate Cake

As our unusual cold and dry winter has changed to our more usual wet and drizzly winter, on the first day of spring (the loss of 1 hour as we move to BST is hitting me hard this year), I include this month's recipe. The wartime derives from the influence of rationing on the ingredients list - there is no egg in this recipe. I would have liked to have curled up on the sofa with a slice of this, a cup of tea and some stitching this weekend, but was too busy.

On Saturday I was in a college workshop making a start on our third and final experimental sampler. It is going well but is not finished yet, so will make an appearance when that has been completed, which will be soon as I have a lot of hand stitch to get done. I must admit I did have chocolate cake with the girls then but the recipe for that included plenty of eggs and erm, beetroot, it was published in the March edition of Delicious magazine. We popped into Winchester for a little bit of Mother's day shopping for Mark and thread shopping (yay!) for me. Of course I couldn't stop at just buying thread and bought a couple of books on techniques that have recently caught my interest. Chikan (or chikankari) and Ribbon embroidery.

One sofa I was lucky enough to curl up on was at my friends (that is one comfy sofa). I was a very happy Kitty as I had just eaten a delicious meal which I hadn't had to sweat over (G & Mr T did instead). Salmon wrapped in parma ham served with lentils and spinach. Finished with a chocolate and walnut fudge cake and my favourite bitter orange ice cream (the delicious Nigella Lawson one). I was truly spoilt as I drank champagne and the most delicious dessert sherry.

On Sunday we had to go out to Southampton to find some trousers for the other half and I wanted to track down some lighting components for something I am trying to finish as part of my form work. Then it was off to Winchester again to attend one of the nephew's christening. I was pleased to see that the outfit I stitched for his brother 5 years ago was still going stong if a little crushed!

I was glad when we got back home and I could grab back some of my lost sleep. When I got up I sat down to a delicious risotto that M had made from a butternut squash that he had found and roasted. Yum. Mental note to self, let him cook more. Posted by Picasa


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