Friday, March 31, 2006

The Panel

I have plenty to show at the moment. Some of it is a little half finished. All of it is badly photographed. Well it would be photographed at 7.30am on a cloudy UK day, with a camera phone.

I have started on my next finished item for college. The item is a panel - this can be a wall panel, a panel for a garment, book cover or a similar item. I have chosen to make a book cover for various reasons these can be divided into 2 groups: reasons not to put in my project book and virtuous reasons to put in my project book.

Good reasons.
- I caught the book bug at the Susie Jefferson workshop I did in January.
- I want to try out an altered board book, which I can incorporate into my design work
- I like food and want to have a stitch and cake crossover.
- I wanted somewhere to store some photos and recipes of my Grandmas, after creating the recipe cards for my sisters.

Norty reasons.
- A wall panel reminds me too much of a wall hanging, and I ain't going back into that territory for a while until my mental scars earned with the last one have faded.
- A panel as part of a garment would mean I would have to sew the garment as well, much as I love sewing clothes at the moment extra sewing on top of the embroidery is the last thing I need to be doing.
- shouldn't be too large in size and would be doable as my hand stitch finished item.

Lazy, moi? I like to think I am (or my mother always said I am) but I will probably end up doing more work than necessary. I need to start making design decisions based on keeping to my timetable. Scrub that - I need to make decisions. (and not procrastinate for England)


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