Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Making a silk purse out of (almost) a sow's ear

Okay it was still silk, but I used dress offcuts and a half finished bag, which itself was made up from a project sample. At the last minute I decided to make my mother a jewellery roll. I did not have the time to dye the fabrics necessary for the project and I also wanted to incorporate a little bit of stitching. Luckily I had the perfect colours of silk fabrics suitable for the project left over from my shoe sampling and matching dress making. The outside is silk satin and the inner lining and pockets are a silk cotton mix. As I know my mum likes the finish of piping I decided to use it here and combine it with covered cord to create loop and chinese buttons. I also used a loop and chinese button to fasten the ring holder. This and plenty of zippered pockets should give plenty of room for various trinkets.


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