Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Shibori Paper

The night before the college dyeing day I did a little experimentation for some itajime shibori papers. I dug out my old school protractor and folded some sumi-e ink paper into equilateral triangles so that I could produce stars. Sumi-e ink paper is great for absorbing paper, unfortunately its very delicate whilst wet. This was my first attempt I just dipped two of the corners into brusho watercolour paint.

Shibori Paper 1

This is my second attempt, this time I brushed the paint along the edges

Shibori Paper 2

My third paper I was a lot happier with - totally saturating the paper with 3 different colours of brusho.
Shibori Paper 3
Thats a lot more of the kind of thing I was after.


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