Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Shibori Results : Itajime

Itajime 4

This was folded using, what I call unofficially, a quilt fold. I think others refer to this as a flag fold. I clamped the fabric with some useful plastic clips which I got from the local DIY store and then placed the bundle in a dye bath. What you can see is the centre of the fabric, the edges are dyed a little darker and you can see where the clips resisted the dye.

Itajime 3

With this sample I used my trusty protractor once more to fold equilateral triangles, after pleating the fabric into thirds. I painted the dye along the edges, but skipped one of the corners so I was left with a hexagonal pattern.

Itajime 2

This was folded in a similar manner to the previous piece but this time decided on using a different colour from each corner of triangle giving a multicolour star pattern.

Itajime 1

I used the same folding method for the 2 previous pieces of fabric. This time I used silk instead of cotton lawn, I did not dampen the fabric and used two jar lids to create a resist. I like the subtle effect - creating petals which might look nice incorporated with some stitching.


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