Thursday, March 08, 2007

More Metal


This one was a struggle, mainly because I was so pleased with the background fabric that I did not want to sully it with stitching. I created the background by painting with silk paints and water soluble crayons. I used the salt technique on the blue section. Once that was all dry I used mending powder (powdered fusible webbing / Bondaweb) and fabric glue applied with a sunflower rubber stamp to transfer foil some areas. At this point the fabric looked pretty fab.

The purpose of this sample though, was to experiment with metallic thread techniques using free machine embroidery. I decided to get a full range of materials included and also played around with some of the soft metal coils that I had bought from Hobbycrafts Christmas range, threw in some bits of hand dyed and crystal organza and finally came up with the above.


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