Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Not much stitching

Whiteshoot Hill

Not doing a lot of stitching at present as I seem to be dragged out cycling most weekends. Got a bit of vacation leave coming up so hoping to catch up then, although I suspect the garden and allotment will be requiring some attention. This photo was snapped whilst contemplating the rather steep hill (well it was to me) that I had to cycle down. The cycle ride was 21 miles - not very long you might think, but all of it was technical off road.

Quote of the month:
Friends are God's apology for relatives.
-- Hugh Kingsmill


Anonymous said...

Oh dear - I'm a relative!

Fat Bird Does Exercise said...

Hey - I'm an apology!

Cool photo of the hill - you never know, I might even complete the ride one day....

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