Monday, August 13, 2007

H is for Hampshire

H is for Hampshire

This is a sketch of Farley Mount one of many landmarks in Hampshire. This is a monument erected in honour of a horse. It was originally established in 1734, but it is believed to have been rebuilt in the next century. I was born and grew up in another county, but my mother was born and grew up here and I visited often as a child. I spent some of the holidays and a few weekends at my Grandparents in Chandlers Ford. Sometimes we would go to Farley Mount to walk Bunty the dog and fly kites my Grandad had made out of black plastic bin bags and bamboo canes.

Since those days I have made Hampshire my permanent home with no intentions of leaving. I cross country cycle round Farley Mount these days, as well as a whole load of other locations - no better place for it! My husband is a Hampshire lad too. We have countryside, historic cities, great beer - what more could I want?

" Mother, I can never come home again
'cause I seem to have left an important part of my brain somewhere

Somewhere in a field in Hampshire.
Sorted for E's & Whizz, Pulp

H could also be for Hip Hop, Happiness, Hearts, Health


Fat Bird said...

Will K be for Kent? or Kentish Maid (Made)?

Kitty said...

Nah - I'm a Maid of Kent, though my sister is a Kentish Maid, we born on different sides of the Medway.

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