Thursday, March 13, 2008

Papermaking at the ready

Guess what I was doing at 6.50 this morning.
You guessed it:

Blending paper pulp! Tonight we are making paper in class - not sure how this is going to go as I made paper once before and its was a little bit delicate to be used for what we are intending to do with tonight's batch.

The blue and the pink pulp is from shredded napkins, the grey white is the pulped contents of our shredding bin and the lime green (no surprise there eh?) is pulped tissue paper. If I had had a bit more notice I would have conspired a visit to the V&A where they have the best lime green napkins in their cafe.


Fat Bird said...

Are you sure the green one wasn't guacamole? And I'm sure I've seen taramasalata the same colour as your pink pulp!

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