Saturday, March 01, 2008

Weekend Baking

As previously discussed Pizza is one of my favourite foods and I make it most weekends when it makes a relaxing supper with a beer or two. At Christmas I treated myself (with thanks to JL vouchers from my folks and sister K) to a lovely proper food mixer. This makes lovely bread dough which enables me to make my pizza, with lots of lovely bread dough left over to make rolls or bread for the weekend. As I had a spare egg to use up I decided to glaze my poppy seed knot rolls with it and very beautiful they all look too. The only difficult bit is not gobbling down all that yummy home baked bread too fast!

I now have a long list of stitching to do's for the weekend:
button making
lacy edge sampling
more devore
crepe paper manipulation

Better crack on!


Fat Bird said...

Very pretty rolls! Makes me hungry just looking at the pic....
I liked the pink/black devore stuff too.

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