Sunday, March 16, 2008

Papermaking update

I made a selection of papers but didn't have time to use all my pulp up. So I will shortly be venturing out to get more newspaper for pressing further papermaking efforts with. I tried various things: mixing colours by overlaying two half sheets together and then pressing (far right), pouring different pulps over my deckle/mold (2nd from right), embeding slittery bits in the wet paper before pressing(middle), using cookie cutters to add different coloured shapes (3rd from left). I also tried to emboss some paper by using a further cookie cutter but cannot be seen so clearly (2nd from left).

The class was quite a fun one even though only five of us were actually making any paper. Though it has to be said that the highlight of the class was C's birthday cake that she brought to class (hmmm, I thought birthday cake was meant to be made for the birthday girl, not complaining though - it was deeeelicious!). I think it was a perfect combination chocolate and beer! Happy Birthday C, I hope you have been thoroughly spoiled this weekend, and deservedly so.


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