Sunday, December 07, 2008

Exploring, wandering and fabric

Pompidou Centre

Set off and wandered over to the right bank from our hotel in the Latin Quartier. Via the Ile de la Cite, past the Notre Dame, town hall and then left towards the Pompidou Centre. Then onwards into the Forum des Halles and then to Montmatre Street, to find my first quarry:

Outside Mokuba, Paris

Mokuba had a gorgeous display of gold and silver braid and lace - I could only imagine the prices! We wandered in and the array of ribbons was amazing. The prices were pretty amazing too but I treated myself to the following. Which (considering the price) I am a little terrified of using but should use - if only to justify the expense.
Expensive ribbon

Another shop in the area was, unfortunately, closed until 2pm but as it was the middle of morning we didn't want to hang around so decided to stroll northwards through a few departments (2, 9 & 18th) to get to Sacre Coeur. It was tempting to stop for a bite to eat on the way but the whole of working Paris had emptied into most of the lunch stops, so we got a panini in one of the more tourist centric cafes in a very quiet Montmatre.
Sacre Coeur

Then we wandered up the steps to have a look at the view. One part of the view was very interesting:

Fabric Heaven, Place St Pierre

The Place St Pierre is Paris' fabric shopping area. With 3 very large stores (Moline, Tissus Reine and Dreyfus) which each had 5 floors (at least) of fabric as well as haberdashery (mercerie) as well as smaller shops. Heaven for me, hell for my companion. I could have gone mad but just treated myself to some Clover Asian Knot templates which I hadn't seen in the UK and some extremely good value (despite the exchange rate) African cotton batik fabric.

African fabricsAsian Knot templates

My deepest appreciation goes to M who did not complain, huff or sigh once!


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