Thursday, December 04, 2008

There and back again

As a birthday treat we went away to Paris for a few days. I couldn't resist a little sewing beforehand, I had been sewing already, and made myself this handy travel wallet. I noticed G using something similar on our trip to Vienna and liked the idea of keeping things and passport together in one nifty case. I found a few ideas on the melting pot is the web and liked the look of the cheque book clutch (becoming more irrelevant in our cheque-less world) that I saw in my copy of Amy Butler's In Stitches. I then made a list of what I wanted: pockets for passport, tickets, foreign currency (with zip), a pen loop and a few more pockets. I also wanted it with a zip - not just a tie or snap closure. I also fancied a bit of coordinating piping round the whole enterprise (my mother's influence - piping does finish things nicely doesn't it?). I measured my passport and made sure that a width of A4 paper could fit in the wallet (it is now the day of the print at home e-ticket) and then marked out my pockets and covers. After a little stitching, a little skirt sabotaging (a story for another day), a purchase of a new overlocker foot (early birthday pressie from Mum - thanks!) this little beauty was produced:

Travel wallet
The fabric was a favourite acquired from my one of my favourite K&S show stalls. I got all my pockets in there too: all 5 of them:
Travel wallet open
It was very useful addition to my luggage - mainly because I didn't panic every 3 minutes that I had mislaid my passport (despite the lairy pink cover that has).


Celia said...

I like it - now if I ever went anywhere that needed a passport ...

Would that be Japanese fabric by any chance?

Celia said...

And I forgot to say 'Happy Birthday'! Hope you enjoyed the trip.

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