Saturday, December 06, 2008

Paris Sights

The journey started well with a sparkling picnic on the Eurostar.

Eurostar in style
Unfortunately I then had the mild visual disturbance of an approaching migraine. We arrived at the Gare du Nord and we navigated our way onto a very crowded RER train to get to our hotel. The headache was ignored when we got to our stop and emerged from underground to be greeted with our first sight of Paris:
Notre Dame, Paris
It was then a short walk to our hotel in the Latin Quartier, where we checked in and I "rested" my eyes for an hour or two. We then decided to go for a stroll through Paris. It didn't matter that it was dark - I wanted to see Paris at night with all the Christmas lights. A lot of my photos are a shade on the blurry side but I like this one of the Tuileries Garden in the direction of the Place de la Concorde:
Tuileries Garden at night
Closer to the big wheel, which was a lovely large snowflake.
Big Wheel at the end of the Tuileries Garden
We then carried across the Place de la Concorde and continued up the Champs Elysees to the Arc de Triomphe by which time we had walked a fair number of miles and went back to our hotel to prepare for a nice meal out. Here:
la fourmi ailee


Fat Bird said...

So it really was City of Lights!

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