Tuesday, February 28, 2006

February's Recipe

Before I forget. This month's recipe on the calendar is Lardy Cake - not the most figure conscious thing you can eat. My Grandmother often offered a slice with a cup of tea, but the word "lard" usually put me off. After making this I realised this was a big mistake. The recipe was provided by my Mum because I couldn't originally find my Grandmothers version, popular recipes were often cropped in various sources, and we suspect she knew the recipe by heart.


Anonymous said...

A recipe from a day when money and other resources were scarce. Lard and flour were cheap so you filled the family up with a recipe like this. I can remeber, when food was still on ration just after WW2 when I went to the local baker's in Eastleigh with my mother, sometimes he would give me a wonderful sticky concoction of cooked lard and sugar that had oozed out of lardy cake and had fallen off and been left on the display slab. What a treat to brighten early post war years!

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