Thursday, February 09, 2006

Window Haiku

Whilst munching my lunchtime salad I was reading my blogroll for the day and found this prompt generator from Sharon B's in a minute ago blog. I clicked on it for it a bit and this one appealed to me: "Write a Haiku about what you see out of the window". Its obvious from this blog that I am not the world's greatest wordsmith, nevertheless I got a little advice and then came up with this:

Little blue car
Towed by yellow van,
Around the car park

Bascially there is an AA van in the car park next to my building, with the AA man attempting to fix a blue mini (old style). Ironically enough it was parked next another blue mini (new style). The van towed the car away (orginally 3rd line was "Off to be mended") but then it came back around now they are just sitting there again. I really must get out more....on that note better go for my lunchtime walk.

p.s. does blue count as my kigo?


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