Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Year

Oops haven't posted for a while. I have done quite a lot of stuff though: Texture design board, Recipe Card Calendar, even more cooking for aforementioned cards, felt making, stitch sampler of said felt, a bit of flat kuminho braiding, and erm, lots of procrastination over my wall hanging - time to review the action plan. My current goal is to get a collage of planned wall hanging before start of term next week. This will be a major achievement as I am currently packing up my workroom so that it can be redecorated and changed into the Master Bedroom. It will relocate at the end of the month to our current bedroom at the back of the house. In future I will need to keep the craft stash under control so that it can also be used as a guest bedroom as well. Famous last words....

Anyway, I will end this post with a picture of January's recipe from the "Tea with Grandma" Calendar I gave my sisters: Belgian Sultana Loaf. It freezes well and is particularly tasty lightly buttered (something Grandma was unable to do) with a cup of tea after a slightly damp walk/cycle ride before shopping for curtain fabric.

Recipe to follow.

p.s. Christmas day Goose cooked according to Gordon Ramsey's recipe in The Times was yummy.


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