Sunday, January 15, 2006

A Weekend Burning

Decided to spend a little time learning a new technique - with a view to using it on my wallhanging. I followed some of the exercises in Margaret Beal's book "Fusing Fabric"
The first sample is layers of organza on acrylic felt, just getting used to my soldering iron. My soldering iron doesn't have an ideal tip - its meant for stencil cutting and I need a very light hand if I don't burn all the way through to the glass cutting mat I made from a cheap clip frame.
This sample was done with Mark's ordinary electrical soldering iron - which has a regular, slightly chunky chisel edged tip. In some ways I prefer it because it is easy to control - it seams to melt the layers together more readily before burning through the felt. The only downside is the tip is not so fine.


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