Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Texture and Tantrums

My texture design board - not brilliantly photographed. What can you do with a phone camera and an energy saving light bulb? I have attached it to a selection of my textile texture samples:
And yet more:

making a dual purpose book/presentation board. Bending the rules, moi?

Currently racing to get wallhanging prototype at least in a format I can present to my teacher when term starts tomorrow (will it be worth it? all depends whether the session turns into a certain someones private tutorial or not). Inspiration has struck at last, although a month or so late. Still have time to finish by the end of the month but it will be tight. Updates to follow.....

Oh yes, the tantrums? Well as some of my art & craft stash is up in the loft at the moment a certain step ladder is not my best friend - more of a wrestling partner... Hope this will settle down as I discover what I do and don't absolutely need.


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