Sunday, January 22, 2006

Weekend workshop

A busy weekend started with a workshop at Rainbow Silks in Great Missenden. Art Journals and Sketchbooks - this was a welcom escape from the wretched wall hanging and I was really motivated by our tutor Susie Jefferson. In future when I am nervous about getting started on a project workbook I can just decorate the cover and prepare a few pages to get myself out of the creative doldrums. Susie also showed us how to create this "kiss" journal (kiss because of the X shaped stitches attaching the book "signatures" to the cover.

Now very tired as - as well as driving and attending this workshop this weekend, I have done a fair amount of print in readiness for another go at transfer dyeing for my samples for my wallhanging. As well as a dash of curtain and curtain track buying (whoopee) Posted by Picasa


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