Saturday, April 14, 2007

Final couple of bags

Or rather until I can indulge again (i.e. after the metal thread project is done). I should have posted them over Easter as the final part of my week of bags but I didn't get one small piece finished in time and then mid week was migraine influenced. Anyway, I will quit my whingeing and present to you my, dah, dah, dahhhhhh!

Laptop slicker.

As I am now cycling into work a lot more, I sometimes have to shove my laptop into a pannier. My laptop has recently been replaced with a much faster and swankier one, unfortunately it would not fit into one of the large secondhand waterproof jiffy bags that one or other manager had put into the recycle box. These bag/envelopes made the perfect lightweight, padded and non-bulky laptop protector. Instead I decided to make a laptop sleeve using some spare quilt batting and found some on-sale Cath Kidston oilcloth. I was tempted to call this my laptop mackintosh but didn't want to cause confusion, as it is a "Proper Computer" and nothing to do with apples, mackintoshes or any such i-malarky (don't have a problem with 'em just cannot use one for work). So I went for slicker instead. That is my laptop slicker. As the battery for the laptop sticks out a bit weirdly at the back it isn't as snug as one would necessarily wish for but it does mean I can cart a few important docs. and my trusty notepad home with me, without compromising too much on volume:

As I have been using a series of stylish supermarket carrier bags and vegetable bags to cart my work id, phone and other essentials, I decided to make a little wristlet purse made from the same fabric:
Looks familiar huh? Thats because I used the same pattern and method for the wristlet purse I showed at the beginning of the week. I left out the decoration as I wanted the outside to be all waterproof fabric and didn't want anything too bulky or anything to catch - as it would be hauled in and out of my pannier a fair bit. I ran out of the plain pink fabric for lining so added a little floral touch:


Fat Bird said...

The floral lining is a nice touch!

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